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Starting a named fund with Tees Foundation removes the hassle and cost of navigating and managing your own charitable trust. You can name the fund after a family member or business if you wish and can choose how much involvement you want to have in the grant-making process.

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Working with Tees Foundation enables you to build a legacy that sustains and protects the name of your successful brand and the hard work that went into building it, now and in the future.
There are many options here, for example, as part of your Capital Gains Tax strategy, your company can set up a fund to provide community benefit for years to come.
Let us maintain and protect the name of your company in perpetuity by providing real help to the community you served throughout your business life.

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​​​​Change of circumstances/Windfall

It may be that you have enjoyed the good fortune of a windfall or inheritance, and you want the opportunity to give something back to your community. This may be in the form of an inheritance, or it may be that you are planning to sell a business or other asset and you may need some help to make sure this is managed in the most efficient way, especially in the areas of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax strategies.

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​​​​Tax efficient inheritance planning

More and more these days, people are including charitable donations in the planning of their will. Tees Foundation offers an effective way to leave something to help your community thrive after you’ve gone. It may be that you want to leave a permanent legacy in the form of an endowment, or maybe a gift that will give benefit for ten or twenty years into the future; it’s your choice and we are here to build a proposal to suit your exact requirements. Your lifetime passion, be it sport, the arts, education or community support can benefit from the expert support we have within the team to ensure the most effective and Inheritance Tax efficient strategy as part of your will planning.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

It can be challenging for businesses to know how best to give back and how to respond to the approaches you receive from local charities. Partnering with Tees Foundation and setting up a named fund is a great way for you to ensure your good intentions are delivering real impact and helping those most in need.
Your fund can be focussed on matters important to your organisation, targeted at a geographical area of your choice and ring-fenced for particular charitable activities for example, developing the skills of young people, or addressing disadvantage in sport. We will promote and seek applications that meet your desired criteria.

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Tees Foundation boasts more than a quarter of a century of experience working with the business sector in our area. We count some of the area’s most influential companies as supporters and friends of the Foundation, including ICI, British Steel, Bulkhaul, DuPont and EDF. There are many reasons companies choose to work with us and we'd love to discuss yours, with you.

​​​​Donation for immediate impact

More and more often, we find donors wish to make a difference whilst they are able to enjoy seeing the impact their giving has made. We are able to offer a flow-through option where what you give flows straight out to provide benefit to the causes that you wish to support.

This approach suits new and successful businesses who are wishing to give something back in a fast moving and ever changing environment, offering absolute flexibility to meet the needs of cash flow forecasting. It offers a very effective approach to profile raising for a dynamic and growing company.

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Support activity you are passionate about

Teesside is filled with fantastic activities delivered by passionate and talented people, be it sports, the arts or simply offering a helping hand to those less fortunate living amongst us.

We are able to offer a made to measure process where a donor can specify exactly what type of activity they wish to support, we then market the opportunity to the relevant sectors within the area, invite applications and carry out the appropriate level of due diligence to ensure any grant is safely and effectively used, at all times protecting the interest of the donor.

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Give money to help make change happen immediately

Here at Tees Foundation we have spent over 25 years building a permanent endowment fund, currently valued at over £20,000,000 to provide support for our community now and forever into the future.

This is an extremely effective model for giving but may not suit everyone in a world where speed and immediate impact are of increasing importance. With this in mind we are able to provide an instant impact approach to giving where what comes in goes out to help in the here and now. We refer to this type of giving as “flow through”.

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Will gift

Following the loss of a family member or close friend, the option for making a charitable donation to support the area in which that person lived, loved and worked can be a complex and daunting prospect.

Tees Foundation offers an understanding approach to meeting the needs of family members and executors who are wishing to make a responsible and effective legacy gift. We are able to advise on the most efficient and impactful way to meet your needs and that of the deceased.

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