We're at the heart of local giving in Teesside

We help local charities and community groups by distributing grants, uplevelling and investing in their long-term sustainability, as well as helping local people achieve their potential in their chosen field.

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How does our team work to help you?

We’re a small team with huge experience and passion for the work we do.  By providing this specialised service, we enable people to feel confident and assured in their giving, whilst ethically supporting genuine transformation in the lives of local people, now and for years to come.

It’s an important role that we deliver with responsibility and integrity, and it’s why we’re recognised as the go-to choice for giving in Teesside.

Hugh McGouran img
Hugh McGouran

Chief Executive

Jeff Taylor  img
Jeff Taylor


Emma Read img
Emma Read


Hayley Wilson img
Hayley Wilson

Operations and Systems Manager

Jonelle Bain img
Jonelle Bain

Donor Support Manager

Tanya Gray img
Tanya Gray

Specialist Advisor

Peter Rowley OBE img
Peter Rowley OBE

Company Secretary

Angela Walton img
Angela Walton

Marketing & Communications

Angela Dinsdale  img
Angela Dinsdale

Specialist Advisor

Sarah Albaladejo img
Sarah Albaladejo

Grants Manager

Linda Leather img
Linda Leather

Finance Manager

Wendy Shepherd img
Wendy Shepherd


Robin Smith img
Robin Smith


How does our team work?

We distribute

In the grants we distribute to local groups and individuals. This is a mixture of small grants (up to £2500) from funds under our control and ‘flow-through’ funding where we administer the funding process on behalf of other funders.

We provide

In the funding we provide to long-term partners who share our aims and objectives, these may be organisations we support to deliver benefits to the local community; or organisations better placed to distribute grants in specialist areas of support.

We invest

Investing in the growth, development and financial sustainability of local community groups and enterprises

We operate

Operating our own organisation - Our operation is under the overall control of a Board of Trustees and delivered operationally by our staff team, with the support of a group of advisors and consultants.

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Check out some of the people and organisations who help us to make it all happen.

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Jeff Taylor


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Hugh McGouran

Chief Executive

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Emma Read FCA


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