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What was needed?

Jayne Wallace – an employee of Billingham Boxing Academy – was inspired to set up a special group to support people living with Parkinson’s disease, having witnessed the lack of support available for her own grandmother following her diagnosis.

Jayne created Parkinson’s Punchers to help individuals, many of whom live with involuntary shaking of particular parts of their body, slow movement, and stiff and inflexible muscles.


How we helped

We provided community grant funding to support the club, which is very well attended by people with all levels of Parkinson’s disease and of various ages from 40-85 years-old.  They attend along with their caregivers and are benefitting hugely from the opportunity to move more, have fun and socially engage.

The sessions work on a circuit which includes battle ropes, medicine balls, TRX suspension training equipment, punch bags and light training systems – finishing with a nice cup of tea and an opportunity to chat.

This group is so important to the people who use it; without funding, the group would not be able to afford to continue with this vital service in the Teesside area.

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